Thursday, April 8, 2010

Baby "B" Part I (One Delicious Face) | Marblehead Baby Photographer

I am so impatient. I make my husband open his birthday presents before his birthday because I can't wait any longer. I found out the sex of my babies at 10 weeks gestation because how could you possibly wait until 20 weeks?! get my point, right?
Anyway, I have been working on this little chunky boy and I wanted to share a few of him today. I told his mom he needs to be on a magazine. He really is a beautiful little guy. More to come later....


  1. These are Gorgeous!!! Your right, BEAUTIFUL baby!!!!! Those eyes and CHEEKS...I just wanna squeeze!!!!

  2. Oh my....he is ADORABLE!! The last two photos with the hats are my faves...gorgeous work, Mere!

  3. you are the best!