Monday, March 29, 2010

The "M" Family Welcomes Baby

Remember the "M" boys from this past Fall? Well, they just welcomed their new baby brother to the family. As I was editing these images, all I kept thinking was how gorgeous these boys are. Really, it's quite impressive:) Baby brother "L" was just the sweetest little newborn. So sweet and sleepy. He even flashed a few smiles. I love those smiles of contentment! I was so glad to get outside with everyone and capture the big boys just being themselves. Congratulations A & A! You have a beautiful family!

I love how they are interacting here. So so very sweet!


  1. Thanks so much capture emotion so well...we really appreciate you helping us preserve these special moments...looking forward to the rest of Landon's first year!

  2. Wonderful photos of my three grandsons. They bring
    tears to my eyes. Thanks. Mimi